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Dear Don Feder,

I am appellate attorney and read your column regularly and enthusiastically through Grasstops Your piece on John McCain was sensational from start to finish! Keep up the great work. I consider you a pillar in an American political world that is mired in mediocrity and political correctness. Hope you don't mind, but I frequently forward your columns to others whom I believe would benefit from having the chance to read them. Best regards, -L.S.

Dear Don,

Your latest column is so right that I want to weep. I have sent it to my small email list, as I have your last few columns- just about all that you've written in the last few months when they started arriving in my in-box. I wish I could stop worrying about this dangerous candidate, but for obvious reasons I cannot. Please keep reminding us, who tend to be loyal Republicans, a very dangerous kind of thing to be this year.

Regards, -J. S. Ridgefield, CT

I appreciated your article on Tweedle-Bad & Tweedle-Awful. It's really sad that our country has degenerated to the point where these sad excuses for humanity are paraded around as the best choices we have available for the highest office in the land.
Please don't fall into the trap of endorsing the lesser of two evils. The G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is bigger than that, and we need, first and foremost, to be faithful to Him and let Him work things out.
Sincerely, -J.W.
Thank you so much for the reading and viewing recommendations; it's a good list.
A few others you might want to check out for the future--
The Chosen, Chaim Potok
My Name is Asher Lev, C. Potok
The Gift of Asher Lev, C.Potok
Restoring Our Lost Legacy, J. Garr - NF     
Restoration, D. Lancaster - NF

......knowing you work with both pastors and rabbis, I would love your opinion of the last two NF books above.  I believe them to be monumental works for these times. -A.

You never cease to amaze me...what excellent resources you have supplied us with...thanks!


Wondering why you did not include Fiddler on the Roof on your list of Essential movies...?
R. B.

Dear Mr.Feder, 

There is no America with any values anymore, it's all in the past.I am up set,for good reason,We can't display the 10 commandments on public property.Our forefathers were not so bold as to dismiss G-D from the people,HE was welcomed,Where are we going?I know where we have been but WHERE ARE WE GOING?????

Subject: Feder for President

Your commentary of 1/15/08 in GrassTopsUSA has to be the BEST commantary I've ever read. I hope all GOP hopefuls read and take to heart what you wrote.

God bless you. J. C.

Subject: Surrender their first born....

Mr. Feder,
You've got my vote!

Thank you for all of your wonderful columns.   I have garnered many ideas from them to make people stop in their tracks and actually think about what they had been supporting.

My prayers support you.

If you were only serious about running.... I have no money, but my time and energy would be yours.   Might feel a bit like Don Quiote but it would be fun.

May the best of everything be yours, J. S.

P.S.  My daughter serves as COMMO on the USS Port Royal -she would agree with you about the Iranian boats.   It was her first experience of being "in harm's way".

Dear Don,

I am compelled to categorize your latest essay ("Me For President") from Grasstops, which I received this morning, as nothing short of "miraculous," for it has achieved the seemingly unthinkable ... its brilliance surpassed all of your previous brilliant essays!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for enunciating the true conservative position so eloquently and clearly.

I have e-mailed you several times in the past, and I intend to continue to do so from time to time, just to let you know how meaningful your work is to me and to so many of us as God-fearing, freedom-loving, common-sense Americans.

Please run for President. ;)  (Seriously, I would vote for you in a heartbeat.)

God bless you, sir.

B. L.
Lubbock, Texas


This essay is a gem; you're a national treasure, and I really wish you were running for president! Meanwhile, who is there to vote for among the disasters that are running?!

Thanks for your writing. -R




Wow, Don, let's get this out on YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook and whatever other site people use and get the funds raised to get you into office!  You would surely have the support of my family and myself and anybody else we could influence.  Although I've got to tell you, they've given Ron Paul, who has pretty good ideas as well, a pretty hard time in the running.  Let's start off your campaign with a proposed nationwide boycott of the left-wing biased media; I can't figure out why everyone complains about the unfair reporting of the media, but then continues to support them by watching and listening to their shows and reading their papers.  Have we really not heard that it's all about the money?  If we quit funding them, I think they'll go away, but that's just my opinion.
Thanks for a really terrific idea and commentary.
Thank God,

Where do I send my contributions and how else can I help.
Finally a candidate I can vote FOR. Enthusiastically!


At last, HOPE for the future.

Very Sincerely Yours, - M.T.
WOW!  Now THAT's the kind of thing Americans want to hear! You have my vote, where can I sign up to help?

Patricia Stebbins
East Sandwich, MA

Your platform is the best I've seen.  None of the other candidates has earned my support--I have problems with all of them.


You've got my vote!!!

F. S.
Fresno, CA 93720

RE: Your candidacy for El Presidente!

Oh to God, it were TRUE!!!!!!!

Don - Are you serious about running for president? If you are, where do we send the contributions?
Damn! I mean, gosh! You are far too logical for most Americans to vote for you.
But you've got my vote!
I wish we were neighbors. -D.C.
Just read the latest entry on 'Me for President' and it is all I can do to avoid leaping up and cheering ( I am at work, and this behavior is often deemed unprofessional. Although one supposes that if Tom Cruise were to come in and begin howling like a hyena, it would probably be deemed an expression of his faith).
But I had to say that my respect for Mr. Feder, which was already very high, just skyrocketed to another level.  More truth and testosterone in this one article than Washington DC has produced in the last 40 years!!! I am one of those pro-Israel, Christian types who feels that the Republicans have played us as useful idiots for three elections now, and I grow almost nauseated at Bush and Condi telling the Jews to be sweet and give the muslims  all of Israel except maybe keeping a few markets and a Port-o-San or two for their very own. I do wish we had a party of people who believe as Mr. Feder does. I would follow such a party and such leaders, to the very end.
To all involved with the website, and to Mr. Feder - keep up the great and inspiring work and may God bless you all.
I know it made you feel good to get it out, but you left out the major source of our problems in this country and one that accounts for almost every bad trend exhibited by this country's "leaders", and that is the universities.  Until we can clean out all of the Ward Churchills, they will remain the souce that contaminates all.  Through their hallowed halls pass our future leaders, media, teachers and voters.  Only the military is exempt because, praise be, they have their own schools where the contamination can be lessened, but not erridicated.  Yes, they hear that America is the world's bully there too. 
Unless the so-called institutions of higher learning are brought back to their original purpose - to educate by making all schools of thought available - the damage that the universities do to our culture and our future will continue unabated.  Unless they adopt the Academic Bill of Rights and enforce it, your campaign promises will never be advocated by a politician in our lifetime.
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